The Kallima Academy

Welcome to Kallima Academy, our one-stop knowledge-sharing solution for anyone looking to learn more about Kallima products and services. The series includes 10 short educational videos covering a wide range of topics, from manufacturing processes and printing tips, to environmental certifications and technical specifications. 

  • Paperboard Grades

    Single ply, multi-ply, SBS, C1S, and C2S - the first installment in the Kallima Academy series makes sense of it all!

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  • Pulp Manufacturing

    A step-by-step overview of pulp sourcing and manufacturing processes, from the forest to transportation. 


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  • Paper Manufacturing

    How do we turn pulp into paper? We look at paper manufacturing, from stock preparation to quality control.


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  • Certifications and attributes

    What makes Kallima an environmentally friendly choice? In this video, we explain our certifications and attributes.


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  • Kallima Grades

    A detailed breakdown of paper grades and what makes our lightweight coated cover grades so unique. 


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  • Paper Characteristics

    Our guide to caliper, basis weight, stiffness, brightness and other paper characteristics you should know about.


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  • Printing on Kallima

    A practical overview of industry best practices, so that you can get the most out of our lightweight coated cover.


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  • From Order to Delivery

    We break down the Kallima experience, from order to delivery. Learn about our turnaround times, comparison tools, available sizes, boutique customer service and more!


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  • Marketing

    Our personalized, collaborative approach is built around customized marketing tools and attentive customer service.


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  • Our History

    The story of 90 years of experience and innovation to meet the evolving needs of our industry – and our valued customers.


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